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Iron, the material, Cavalier Antonio Prata, the Master. And like every Master, Antonio Prata, had been an apprentice. His school? The Regia Scuola, the present Istituto d’Arte (Art School), where he also taught, thus becoming his own son’s Master, both in his workshop and school.

Thus, school and workshop, but not just an ordinary workshop.

Bottega Prata has been awarded several prizes not only by its own town, Bologna, but by Florence as well, on the occasion of the Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato Artistico (International Exhibition of Artistic Crafts), where for six years the first prize went to Bottega Parata. These awards made Bottega Prata a reference point in the wrought iron art.

This explains why Italian and international personalities and showbiz VIP’s chose Prata’s creations.

A timeless style, across centuries
Classic and modern furnishing items: beds, lighting fixtures, curtain rods, wall lights, just to name a few of Bottega Prata’s works. These are original creations, born out of the handicraft Masters’ ideas or developed starting from customers’ designs, together with a workmanlike restoration activity of wrought iron artistic objects.

Greta Garbo and Guglielmo Marconi’s portraits are among the most important works by Bottega Prata, which has also created the portrait of the American President, D.D. Eisenhower, commissioned by the Bologna Chamber of Commerce and donated to the White House, which made Bottega Prata known and appreciated in the USA as well.